Sunday, 29 January 2012

winter goings on

Getting back into a doing mode is difficult when the weather is so depressing.There is always the easy way out on a winters day to curl up in front of the fire and read a good book .Well there is a little respite in the weather so this morning we have ventured out on one of our favourite walks along the Leguer estuary,this is the towpath that starts in our nearest town of Lannion and follows the course of the river out to the sea .Today is very calm if not a bit threatening so waterproofs and hats are the order of the day.
The river winds it's way some 5 kilometers from the town before it reaches the sea.In times past ships would be towed up the river by teams of horses from a large holding pool at its mouth to unload their cargoes in the town. 

My workspace in my small den where I have been busy working on some new sketches .I very much want try and capture the weather conditions that we experience here on the coast in Brittany. 
We are in Paris this week looking after our French grandchildren so although its curtailed my printing work this week, is has given me the opportunity to visit some of the printing shops and to top up my printing supplies.