Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hand made cards

Cards are fun.I am trying out some ideas for different types of card.I think with hand made cards you need to be ahead of the game and have your cards prepared well in advance.I am thinking about getting a tabletop letterpress to give a professional look to the text on the card.

  We have like everyone else in northern Europe had a cold snap, not as bad as some but enough to keep us indoors.But despite this, the season is progressing and spring is just around the corner.These are some spring flowers from the garden,Mimosa,daffodils,twisted hazel and willow.This gives me another idea for an easter card and here are the preliminary sketches .


  1. Beautiful sketches and lovely cards! I'm glad to hear that spring is just around the corner. I've forgotten what it feels like to be really warm!

  2. I really like your church drawing. I love making cards also- I don't know why it's so rewarding, but it is!