Sunday, 14 August 2011

My first print

This week i have been trying out my press.I decided to etch my plates using ferric chloride as it can be posted in granular form and then be made up into a solution.I have no experience with this material so i thought i might make a test piece to get an idea of what the results would be for a set amount of time in the acid.After covering the plate with liquid ground I used an etching needle to inscribe a copper plate with 2,3,6,12,24 and 48 min marks,exposing the whole plate for 2min, washing off in water and after drying covering the 2min marks with stopping out varnish.It then went back in the acid for 1min to complete the second etch.I carried on masking and etching the plate in the same way halving the etch time until the last 48min mark was etched for a further 24min.I hope this makes sense.Anyway it seemed to work and I now have an idea how dark an etched line will be for a given amount of time in the solution.I know that other factors are involved the concentration of the mix and the temperature have an influence,but it will do to start.      

I call this first print "Elvers" it seemed an easy in for a first print but after my initial sketch, actually etching through the ground to give a smooth flowing line was very difficult because unlike a sketch you can't just rub out the line and re-draw it.I think my home made scribers were not helping so i am going to invest in a proper tool.

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