Sunday, 7 August 2011

printing press part 3

The main assembly of the press is now complete so its time to strip everything down so i can spray the individual parts.This will now have to be left for a day to harden off before re-assembly.
The following day the first job is to locate the rollers in their respective bearings in one half of the press frame.The next is the attachment of the 12mm studding that i have used to connect together both halves of the press.To the top two sets of studding i have included small roller bearings to help support the main press bed and to give it a smooth operation.

The top half of the press is then lowered onto the rollers and studding,completing the main structure.
 All that remains is to make the press bed .I have decided to experiment with 18mmMDF and ply with a 2mm steel plate fitted under the bed . I can't wait to try out the press on an etching i have been working on ,but in my haste
to finish the press ,i have forgotten to order the blankets ,so i will have to wait a bit longer to do the first trial print.
I have been a bit restricted on the width of the press because the design has been based around the main rollers that were given to me but i think that it will at least enable me to start work and perhaps enlarge the press as i gain more experience.

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